Articoli della rassegna stampa di Katerina Belkina

8 02, 2016


Di origini russe, Katerina Belkina ha vinto con questa immagine la sezione Art del concorso Hasselblad. La sua formazione è iniziata all’Accademia delle Belle Arti come pittrice per poi passare all’Accademia di Fotografia di Samara con Michael Musorin. I suoi sono principalmente autoritratti, carichi di misticismo e di un’atmosfera legata all’arte del passato. In questo scatto, Katerina Belkina crea una […]

20 01, 2016

Katerina Belkina – The Sinner | Su Yuezhuo


In a world dominated by men, women’s self-aesthetic perception has struggled ever since between innocence and lust, purity and vanity, sensitivity and dullness, beauty and beast. The “Women in Landscape” in the classical works of the old masters recorded the definition of female beauty of their past time.

Katerina Belkina’s work consists of an unconventional combination of photography, painting and digital drawing. And these […]

8 01, 2016

LIGHT ON: “Revival”, new series by Katerina Belkina

Revival” by Russian artist Katerina Belkina is a series of allegories on the theme of neo-renaissance. A distinctive feature of the Renaissance – the secular nature of culture and its anthropocentrism, an escape from the influence of the Church to the exploration of identity and the living material world – was Katerina’s source of inspiration […]

5 08, 2015

Interview | Katerina Belkina: “My work is my personal theater”

Bleek Magazine | Feodora Kaplan

Feodora Kaplan talked with Katerina Belkina about the sources of ideas, about gender roles and sexuality, social phobia, agoraphobia, and the way all this diversity mingles and transforms in the process of creative research.

Katerina Belkina is one of those rare artists known by sight and instantly recognizable by their specific style. The intricate course of life from Samara […]

10 07, 2015

The Sinner

In The Sinner, the first work from the new series REVIVAL, with which she recently won the The International Lucas-Cranach-Award 2015 in Lutherstadt Wittenberg, there is an intriguing depiction of a multi-layered connection.

The main theme of the work is a pregnant woman sitting down. The title refers to the biblical story in which Christ protects a woman who is accused of adultery from her […]

5 02, 2015

Premio Kandinsky

Member of the Russian Photographers’ Union. Has participated in international exhibitions in Canada and the United States. Won second place for best photomontage at the International Photo Awards, 2007 in Los Angeles.

The unifying element in Katerina Belkina’s three projects is that they interpret various cultural subjects through a female lens while providing a woman’s portrait to act as a metaphor for these subjects. Her […]

24 01, 2016

Hasselblad Masters Award 2016

Bleek Magazine | Daria Kuznetsova

Hasselblad Masters Award is an annual award granted since 2001 by the leading manufacturer of medium-format cameras. Previous Masters include such renowned artists as Albert Watson, Anton Corbijn, Patrick Demarchelier and others.

This year Katerina Belkina (born and raised in Russia, currently living in Berlin) became the winner in the category of Art.

Winners in all categories, […]