Hasselblad Masters Award 2016

Bleek Magazine | Daria Kuznetsova

Hasselblad Masters Award is an annual award granted since 2001 by the leading manufacturer of medium-format cameras. Previous Masters include such renowned artists as Albert Watson, Anton Corbijn, Patrick Demarchelier and others.

This year Katerina Belkina (born and raised in Russia, currently living in Berlin) became the winner in the category of Art.

Winners in all categories, which besides Art include Architecture, Fashion/Beauty, Wildlife, Wedding and others, will receive brand new Hasselblad medium format cameras at a special photokina 2016 ceremony in Cologne in September.

By then the winners are to create new and unique sets of images embracing the theme “Inspire” for the latest edition of the Hasselblad Masters Commemorative Book.

Katerina Belkina shared with Bleek Magazine her thoughts about the victory and her new project for Hasselblad:

“When something like that occurs, I usually glance back and cannot quite believe that this is about me. Maybe due to my mentality or my character I rejoice carefully. But gradually I start to realize that something great has occurred, and actually I’m worthy of that. First of all, it’s amazing to come into line with such talented and professional people, almost classics! For example, for me since the very beginning of my career Albert Watson has always been a summit I should strive to reach. I went another way, but not downwards, it seems. Secondly, but for Hasselblad, I do not know how long it could take me to get a camera of my dreams. Now I cannot wait to take it in my hands! We surely will not let each other down.

Special thanks go to my family and audience, who supported me during the voting period. I’m one of those who extremely need support and a “magic kick” to start moving in leaps and bounds.

Actually, the victory itself is wonderful, but for the artist the process is often more valuable than the result. The thing that accompanies the victory – that is important, and it incredibly rejoices me! All this attention of the media cannot but push up sales, which in their turn contribute resources for my creative work.

Hasselblad is expecting each of the winners to create a new project on one given theme, which later will be published in a book, presented to a wide audience. We are hard pressed for time. Generally, my work on a new series takes a year or two. And this time I got a fright at first, but my second emotion was akin to euphoria. This is the same feeling when you are waiting for something very very interesting in the near future. What could be cooler than standing at the beginning of the creation of something new, and many people around supporting you! I hope to cope with this task. I cannot speak now about the story I’m going to implement for the book, the only thing I can tell is that this time it will be more photographic, than my usual practice based on post-processing and collage. This is the only way to meet the deadline. Yet even that is not a simple task, because my daughter is too small so far, and I take her everywhere along. This makes the shooting process a bit more difficult. Wish me good luck and a fair wind of inspiration!”

Read an interview with Katerina Belkina here.

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